Albert de Belleroche: Landscape study - on Albert de Belleroche



Albert de Belleroche:
Landscape study

Unframed (ref: 366)

Oil on canvas

Inscribed with inventory number 155 on reverse

(P. Aprin Paris stamped to reverse)

Tags: Albert de Belleroche oil Impressionnists landscape 1.Belleroche

Provenance: The Artist's own collection

In their choice of subject matter and technique, Belleroche’s landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes reveal the strong influence of the Impressionists. He enjoyed painting en plein air, and employed a wet on wet painting technique favoured by contemporaries such as Sargent, Monet, and Renoir.The daring compositional devices, as well as the striking economy and sparseness of his views, may also betray a debt to advances in contemporary photography – in addition to a knowledge of Ukiyo-e printmaking – which was enjoying widespread popularity and distribution throughout Paris due to the endeavours of Tadamasa Hayashi.

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